Month: December 2020

Paris – The City of Romance

There is only one place in the world that is synonymous with high fashion, art, cuisine and lux: Paris. The capital city of France is one of the most wonderful places in the world to visit. The setting to some of the most interesting and intricate parts of modern history, Paris is a place that every tourist who visits Europe needs to know. And while taking a picture with the Eiffel Tower might be a good enough motivation, there are so many other reasons why travellers must stop by Paris.

Paris, or Ville lumière (City of Light), is the most popular tourist destination in the world with over 40 million visitors per year. The first impression visitors get from Paris is its fantastic architecture. Some of its most impactful buildings include the Notre Dame Cathedral – now in renovations due to the 2019 fire, – the Conciergerie, also known as Palais de la Cité (Palace of the City), the Sainte Chapelle, the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, or Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Arch of the Triumph, and obviously, the tallest building in the city, the aforementioned Eiffel Tower. These buildings and many more that you can visit really express the beauty of Paris. Thought Parisian beauty not only comes from its buildings but its culture as well. The city, built on the banks of the River Seine, has got a large history of artists and geniuses who lived and created masterpieces in the most wonderful French city. Most of their work can be found in the many museums that exist all throughout the city, but, obviously, no visit to Paris will be complete without stepping into the world-famous Louvre. From Da Vinci to Van Gogh, to name only a couple of the thousands of artists represented in the Louvre’s exhibition, few other museums in the world can compete with it.

However, it is not only architecture and the fine arts which are representative of the city of love. Paris is the city of high fashion and perfumes. This means it is a wonderful spot for those travellers who enjoy a good shopping spree in their vacations. Tourists should be careful, though, because what Paris has to offer rarely comes in cheap: the meaning of luxury was invented there, after all. And by luxury we refer not only to clothing, but also to Parisian gastronomy as well. One of the most influential places of gourmet food, Paris has only the best of the best to offer to those visitors who are hungry for excellent food. There is hardly anything better in the world than a day in Paris, having some Croque-monsieur while sighting the wonderful gothic architecture, then taking a joy-ride on the Seine, visiting one of the dozens of museums, and topping the night with a show at the Moulin Rouge.…

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Essential Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Europe

When you think about visiting Europe, a few things come into mind—rich European culture, diversity, mind-blowing history, to breathtaking architecture. There is so much you can enjoy from one country to the other. 

However, when visiting Europe, there are basic things you need to know before visiting. These are things that will determine whether you’ll enjoy your stay in Europe or not. 

A friend of mine who owns a very successful Laundry business and serves many luxury hotels and spas shared with me the top things you need to consider before visiting Europe. 

Let’s get started. 

  • Travel Advisories and Requirements 

The first thing that you must think about when traveling to Europe is to travel advisories and requirements. Start by finding the advisories issued to the European country that you need to visit. 

Check also what people from your country are required to meet before visiting. This will help you avoid all disappointments when traveling. If you don’t follow these requirements, you might end up in European jails instead of your vacation. 

So, before you start planning, first find out about all the travel requirements. This would include documents, health reports, financing, and everything else that concerns your travel. 

  • Currencies 

You must know that you’re going to a foreign country and you will need to use a different currency. And when it comes to currencies, you must seek to understand the currency used in the country you intend to go to. 

Different countries in Europe use different curries. Some countries use Euros, Sterling pounds, and other local currencies. These currencies you need to change them when you’re visiting the country. 

Most people think all European countries use Euros. But that’s not the case. Only a few countries use Euros. And again, Euros from one country might not be accepted in another country. 

So before you travel, do your research to find out the kind of currency that you need for your travel. 

  • COVID Specific Regulations 

In the current world of COVID-19. There are specific regulations across the world. As you plan your travel, consider the specific regulations put by the countries that you intend to go to. Different European countries have different regulations. 

There are countries with total lockdowns. Others don’t allow visitors from other places while in other places, you’re required to go to quarantine for sometime when you visit. 

And all these will determine your stay in the country. 

So, before you travel, check the COVID-specific regulations and ensure that they favor your travel. You don’t want to visit a European country only to remain in the house throughout the time you visited. 

Parting Shot 

There are a lot of things that you can do in Europe. You can choose to visit one country or several countries at the same time. But if you want to enjoy your visit, there are basic things that you have to consider. 

Start by finding out about the travel requirements and adversaries, currencies, and other COVID specific regulations. With these things, you’ll be on the safe side as you travel. 

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